Take the punch…

Edit: This is some of my morning writing; I saw a family members post "Everyone has plans until they get punched in the mouth." and modified it for them and for me. We are struggling with a loss of a loved one who took his life just before his 40th birthday. My little brother..... So,... Continue Reading →

I write because…

I write because it is a way for me to express myself in a more eloquent and effective way than verbal communication can convey. I write because it's easy for me to do. I write because I love the written text. I right because it frees me from a cluttered up mind full of complexities,... Continue Reading →

Backyard Micro-Orchard (Figs)

Last month¬†my fruit obsessed mind was full of ideas for all things green to come. I'm talking winter seed sowing, installing and increasing the height on our temporary mini-greenhouse, the installation of at least two more raised beds, a solid try at a chop & flip aquaponics system, and the addition of a few¬†varieties of... Continue Reading →

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